Decking planters

Our decking planters are probably our most popular style of planter and are made from pressure treated decking boards that are 12cm high and 32mm thick. These decking planters are strong, economical, can be made to any size or shape, and can be painted or stained any colour. As well as trough decking planters and square decking planters we also make corner decking planters of all sizes. We can also put wheels/casters on any sized decking planter.

Our standard decking planters are made with mitred corners. However we also have what we call budget decking planters which have simpler, butted corners and these are cheaper than the mitred cornered decking planters. All decking planters are lined with a thick polythene liner and all prices include delivery. Please note that whether we can deliver to you will depend on the size of the decking planter and your location. For the larger decking planters we have to deliver them ourselves and so are constrained by distance. If in doubt please contact us.