Frequently asked questions?


How are your wooden planters made?

All our planters are made by ourselves here in Northamptonshire.


Delivery and Postage

Cost of postage is included in the prices shown if you live within the delivery area or if you live outside the delivery area but are buying a wooden planter that weighs less than 30kg and is less than 1 metre in length:

Items weighing less than 30kg and less than 1 metre in length can be sent to pretty much anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. We use couriers to deliver these items and follow their prices. If you live in an area where you normally have to pay extra for items bought over the internet to be delivered to you (e.g. the Isle of Wight) then call us prior to ordering and we can get a specific quote for you.

Items weighing more than 30kg or larger than 1 metre in length are delivered by ourselves. We offer free delivery to the area inside the blue line :


Outside of this delivery area a fee may be charged for delivery, or it may simply not be possible to deliver to you.

If in doubt please contact us.


How long will it take for my planters to arrive?

We make all planters to order and they should be with you in 10 working days. If you need them in a hurry we may be able to accommodate this but it is best to give us a call prior to ordering.


How do I buy and do I need a Paypal account?

To buy any of our products just follow the links. You do not need a Paypal account to buy from us. If you would prefer to pay with a BACS payment then the account details can be provided. Simply email or call.


How should I care for the planters?

The planters are made from pressure treated wood. However they do need caring for and regular maintenance to get the best out of them.

Light from the sun will cause the wood to turn silvery grey. This can't be prevented and may also be what you wish to happen. If you do not wish this to occur then a wood stain or paint needs to be used.

The big enemy of wood is water which can lead to rotting if the wood does not have the opportunity to dry out. Make sure the planters are not left in areas where water congregates. As mentioned, the wood is pressure treated but where the wood is cut it will be bare wood - the pressure treatment only goes millimetres into the wood. It is best to use a wood preservative on the cut ends and or stain/paint as well for added protection. We are happy to do this for you, contact us for a quote.


I can't see the exact colour/size combination I would like. Can you make one for me?

Absolutely no problem at all - simply give us a call. There is no extra charge for making a custom size: all our planters are made to order so makes no difference what size you require.


Will you oil, stain or paint my planters?

The unpainted decking and larch planters will need staining to prevent weathering - although you may prefer the weathered look. We are happy to stain for you if required - please call to obtain a quote.


What happens if I am not happy with my planters?

We would be surprised! Simply return the items to us and we will reimburse you.


Do you offer any discounts for collection?

Yes if you come and collect your items here in Northamptonshire we can offer a reduced price.