Aston square wooden planters 55cm high with trellis - Painted with Protek Bristol Blue wood stain


The Aston style of wooden planter is made from four 75mm x 95mm corner posts with five rows made from 9.5cm by 2cm pressure treated timber.They come with a capping rail round the top. 45mm square timber is used to strengthen it. A liner is supplied stappled to the inside. They are painted with Protek's Bristol Blue wood stain (hence the grain can be seen) but can be painted/woodstained any colour.

Added to the back of the planter is a solid 120cm tall trellis but we can make any height.

The planters are supplied fully built.

Photos show a 60cm long by 60cm wide by 54cm high wooden planter and uses five rows of 95cm timber but we can make any size/length/height combination. If the exact size you require isn't listed please contact us.

Delivery information: These planters are delivered by ourselves so you will need to live in our delivery area (see FAQs) to purchase them. If you live outside the delivery area it may still be possible to purchase them (depending on where you live) however a delivery fee may be applied therefore please contact us.




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