Block style trough wooden planters with trellis


We can add trellises to our wooden planters. These block style planters have a "Grange" trellis screwed into the planters. Trellises appear to come in a standard height of 180cm with widths that increase by 30 cm. In the photos we have a 70cm long planter with a 60cm long trellis. If you do not want a 180cm tall trellis we can make our own trellis, see the next planter. Also if you want a different sized wooden planter please contact us, just remember that these trellises come in widths that increase by 30cm.

These are delivered fully assembled.

Delivery information: These wooden planters are delivered by ourselves so you will need to live in our delivery area (see FAQs) to purchase them. If you live outside the delivery area it may still be possible to purchase them (depending on where you live) however a delivery fee may be applied therefore please contact us.



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