Scorched timber wooden planter stained light oak


These planters were made for a customer who wanted a weathered look for the planters. So we started off with planed, smooth timber and then used a blow torch to weaken the soft timber inbetween the grain. A powered wire brush was applied to the timber which removed the soft timber leaving a rough feeling timber with hard ridges along the grain (see photo 2). The planters were then stained with a light oak colour and then yacht varnish was applied to give a shiny appearance. Takes quite a while!

These planters are probably our lightest so they are ideal windowsill planters.

Delivery information: These planters are delivered by ourselves so you will need to live in our delivery area (see FAQs) to purchase them. If you live outside the delivery area it may still be possible to purchase them (depending on where you live) however a delivery fee may be applied therefore please contact us.

Remember, send us a photo of the planters in your garden all planted up and we will reimburse you £5.

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