Smooth trough planters with 3 rows of planks on wheels / casters


These are smooth sided wooden planters (simply the reverse side of our lengths of decking) on wheels / casters.

We can put wheels / casters on any planter. You may want wheels on your planters if you require your planters to be moved regularly. Restaurants/cafes often wheel their planters out during opening hours and put them out of sight when closed. We can put any size/strength wheel (caster) on our planters.

Photo shows a trough wooden planter that is 120cm long by 40cm wide. The wheels are 10cm in diameter and heavy duty.

If you would like planters on wheels / casters please call or email to discuss your requirements so that we can provide a price.

Delivery information: Planters up to 100cm in length can be posted to anywhere in mainland Britain. Planters longer than 100cm in length are delivered by ourselves so you will need to live in our delivery area (see FAQs) to purchase them. If you live outside the delivery area it may still be possible to purchase them (depending on where you live) however a delivery fee may be applied therefore please contact us.

Remember, send us a photo of the planters in your garden all planted up and we will reimburse you £5.


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