Versailles square wooden planters painted with Cuprinol's Black Ash


These Versailles wooden planters are our premium range and are made from four 85mm x 85mm corner posts, 68mm x 45mm top and bottom rails and vertical columns using 9.5cm by 2cm pressure treated timber. So these are heavy duty planters that if properly cared for will last a decade or more. All planters come lined with a heavy duty membrane.

Note that these planters have round balls (finials) on top of the corner posts but these can be removed if you wanted to reduce the price. Prices can be reduced by £20 if you do not want/need the finials.

The planters are supplied fully built.

Photos show a 60cm long by 60cm wide by 60cm high (plus finial) wooden planter painted with Cuprinol's Black Ash. We can make any size/length/height combination. If the exact size you require isn't listed please contact us.

Can be painted/stained any colour.

Delivery information: These planters are delivered by ourselves so you will need to live in our delivery area (see FAQs) to purchase them. If you live outside the delivery area it may still be possible to purchase them (depending on where you live) however a delivery fee may be applied therefore please contact us.

Remember, send us a photo of the planters in your garden all planted up and we will reimburse you £5.



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