Back posting about wooden planters! June 22, 2019 18:19

Haven't posted for a long time, just been too busy making wooden planters. It has been a very busy time and I will admit that customer service suffered a little. I like to get the planters to the customers in two weeks from the time of order, unless it is a big order. However it has been on average a 3 week wait for the customers and sometimes closer to a month for the larger orders.

I have gradually caught up over the past 6 weeks and in about a week it should be back to a two week wait. I have taken lots of photos of wooden planters during this time, and here are a couple of photos that customers have sent me over the past two days,

I built a huge L shaped decking planter for Nicole in Warwickshire and she emailed to say "It looks wonderful and it does a perfect job as partition between the gardens.",

Large wooden planter

James bought two decking planters that I posted to him and wrote "they have arrived and are perfect",

wooden decking planters