Why are we late with your planter(s)? May 30, 2020 20:09

I have decided to write a post on why we are late delivering your planters at the moment - and we are late, some of you have been waiting a very long time. When people say we are living in strange times I want to explain what that actually means.

I have been especially motivated to write about this after today's frustrating experiences: in short my timber supplier has no decking timber and screwfix has no screws. This is a problem for a company that makes wooden planters.

The supplier to my timber supplier can not deliver any decking to them for 2 weeks, such is the demand for decking at the moment. They have 27 articulated lorries out every day delivering just decking. Obviously I buy a lot of timber so my timber merchant has rung round for me and managed to get some decking in next week, but that is still 7 days away.

In the morning I noticed we were low on screws so went to the Screwfix website to place an order for some decking screws. For the first time that I can recall Screwfix didn't have any and delivery would be in 2-3 days. I managed to get some similar ones but they are double the price.

Trellesses used to be easy to buy. Between my home and my workshop is a B and M where I could pop in and buy a trellis or two. They are now sold out and require a 30 minute queue just to get in the store. I rung around trellis suppliers, many of whom didn't even answer their phone and managed to find a supplier. It is relatively local but is still a 30 minute drive. So that is a 90 minute round trip to buy some trellesses.

Paint too used to be easy to buy. Between Wickes, B and Q, Screwfix, Toolstation and Homebase I could get any colour easily. Now they are sold out and/or are not supplying paint at the minute.I am not totally sure what I am going to do now, I will cross this bridge at the beginning of next week.

As you can see everything is more difficult and time consuming at the minute and goes some way to explaning why I am late with your planters.

However stick with us, we will get your planters to you eventually. We delivered these planters a couple of days ago and the customer liked them so much they have already ordered two more,


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