Commercial planters for a bar / restaurant - a tip on how to get a more interesting colour April 2, 2019 20:49

I was contacted by a bar / restaurant that wanted some wooden planters on wheels for one of its branches. That wanted a rustic look and liked the idea of using scaffold boards that were woodstained brown. I had never used scaffold boards before but ended up making these,

Wooden planter

The woodstain I chose was Ronseal's Fence Life Plus in medium oak. I thought they looked horrible, the woodstain was more red than brown and the colour just looked cheap. I sent the above photo to the customer who wanted them darker. I then sprayed over this colour with Ronseal's Fence Life Plus in dark oak. I wasn't expecting much but as it dried I could see that the red tones of the medium oak were coming through the dark oak in places, resulting in a much richer and interesting colour. The end result was pretty much perfect. Conclusion: putting a dark coat over a light coat can lead to interesting interactions!


Wooden planters