Our wooden decking planters January 8, 2019 20:18

Wooden decking planters are probably our most popular wooden planter style. They are good value, strong, long lasting and can be easily painted or stained. Although there are many places where you can buy decking planters, I would say that the advantageous of ours lie in the quality of the decking boards, and the quality of the workmanship.

We could use cheaper, inferior decking boards but instead choose the best quality available, and the thickest width, 32mm. The corner posts are made from 45mm square lengths of timber, and so too are the feet. The ends of the feet are also coated with a clear wood treatment to prevent rot. All planters come with a thick polythene liner that has holes in the bottom to allow drainage.

In terms of the quality of the workmanship we do not mass produce, so we can make sure that each wooden planter is "right" e.g. ensuring that the corners of each row of decking are all correctly aligned. We also offer planters that have mitred corners which I believe gives a superior look. Mitring corners takes longer and is more tricky than simply butting up the corners, but is definitely worth it. However if you prefer the sharp lines of the butted corners we can do that, and we offer a slight discount on wooden planters with these corners reflecting the lower labour time necessary to make these.


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