Wooden planters supplied to a bar January 12, 2019 17:49

As mentioned previously, we are sometimes asked to try to build a wooden planter to match a photo. We received the following photo from a design company that wished us to build a planter that matched it,

Reclaimed timber wooden planters

The timber in the photo is old reclaimed timber and the corners are rusted metal. The problem with trying to match this planter is that it is difficult to get reclaimed timber that looks "old," and the timber that is available is often too short (two of the planters needed to be over 1 metre long) and extremely expensive.

After a google search I decided to make new timber look old, and new metal rusty. To make new timber look old you just need to really water down the paint and apply it liberally. Rusting new steel requires an acid, with some vinegar and salt. The wooden planters I ended up supplying were these,

Reclaimed look for wooden planters